What our clients say

Ben is great! He's very good at recognizing which parts of your body are most tense and relieving the stress and pain. He really takes the time to listen to your needs. The atmosphere is very relaxing. I feel like my tension just melts away. I would highly recommend Ben for whatever your massage needs are :) - Julie B.

Ben is amazing at what he does! I've gone for a monthly 1-hour full-body massage 3 times now, and have always left relaxed, refreshed, revitalized! Atmosphere is so calm and relaxing, very reasonable rates too. Try it out, you will love it 😁👍 - Ivan T.

My experience at Wellness Way Massage was the first time I’ve ever had a full body massage. The massage therapist, Ben, offers several different types of massage, but the great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to choose a specific one. Before each session he’ll ask if there is a particular region of your body that you’d like to focus on, and he’ll do therapeutic massage on that area but do massage for relaxation on the rest of your body. I have struggled with getting back full range of motion and comfort after having frozen shoulder last year and separating my shoulder prior to that, and his therapeutic massage has done wonders to free it up. He is knowledgeable and excellent at knowing how to release fascial restrictions I developed in this shoulder as well as getting to deeper muscles like my chronically tight psoas.

Since I’ve had little experience with massages, I didn’t know what level of pressure to choose, so Ben used a medium pressure to start and asked at repeated intervals if I needed less or more and was able to adapt to the different pressure intensities over different parts of my body. He made sure I was never uncomfortable, and his massage never hurt at any point although I ended up preferring firm pressure. He has enough experience to deliver a stronger touch without being rough. He also was fast to find tension in my quads and pecs that I didn’t even know I had. He spent a long time working on releasing the tightness in my pecs and afterward I felt so straight and tall the entire rest of the day like I got an immediate upgrade to my posture that’s typically hunched over from sitting in front of my computer all day.

As a nice added bonus, he uses aromatherapy to enhance relaxation and to prevent your sinuses from getting stuffed up from being face down on the table and also uses heated pads that feel like a mini weighted blanket. The best part of all is that I felt the immediate relaxation a good massage will give you, but I continued to feel so light, so free, and just really content the entire day. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Ben is a master of melting away tension and stress! - Amanda T.

Wonderful Experience. Ben is very good at his craft. I recommend him highly. - Charlie A.

I highly recommend! Ben was amazing and came into the office for chair massages. He worked out my knots and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Would give 10 stars if I could! Emily M.

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